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What You Need to Know About TikTok in 2024

TikTok’s influence continues to resonate strongly in 2024, with a dynamic mix of user engagement, brand successes, and impending challenges, including a call for a national legislative ban. Its diverse user demographics, thriving influencer economy, and innovative marketing features make it an alluring platform for both content creators and businesses looking to capitalize on its immense potential. MORE>>

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US Contemplates National Data Privacy Legislation JMV Media Group (1)

US Contemplates National Data Privacy Legislation

CNN reports that DC legislators are finally addressing the, “lawless and unregulated space where American’s personal data can too easily be shared and sold to the highest bidder.” Bipartisan legislation, titled The American Privacy Rights Act, would create a single federal standard for digital privacy, something that would save marketers from having to monitor state-by-state developments and was introduced by Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell, the Democratic chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, and Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Republican who leads the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Lemon8 and Threads have launched news from JMV Media Group

Biden Takes Action to Curb AI Threats

President Biden announced plans to wield his emergency powers to oversee and address the burgeoning challenges posed by artificial intelligence. This move aims to mitigate AI threats spanning from privacy concerns to national security issues. While details of the pending legislation are still emerging, it is expected to usher in tighter regulations and transparency in the AI landscape, with a potential impact on digital marketers navigating evolving AI-driven marketing strategies. Stay tuned for more developments as the administration embarks on a mission to ensure responsible and secure AI integration into various sectors.

Lemon8 and Threads have launched news from JMV Media Group

New Social Media Channels: Lemon8 & Threads

Two new social media channels, both from two existing social media titans, have just launched. More channels mean more work for digital marketers, but also more opportunity to reach niche audiences. Tik Tok parent Bytedance has launched Lemon8, which is being described as a cross between TikTok and Instagram. Meta has launched Threads, which is being touted as a major rival to Twitter. If history repeats itself, early adopters of new social channels often win big. Claim your handles now!

EU Digital Services Act JMV Media Group

EU Law Challenges US Social Media Marketers

The EU’s Digital Services Act goes into effect in August. It contains specific requirements for social media companies to protect users’ privacy and parity. The law governs content moderation, calling for tighter standards, and also provides for transparency for algorithms and users’ rights to appeal decisions. Twitter has already expressed a willingness to comply. MORE>>

tik tok made gen z buy products

Tik Tok Dominates Social Commerce

Today, Insider Intelligence released, Retail Trends to Watch for 2023. In it, they report that Tik Tok is testing a Shop feature with select merchants in the U.S., demonstrating a strong shift towards commerce. They say that, while other companies are ditching social commerce and ramping up advertising, “Tik Tok’s share of users who are social buyers will surpass Facebook in 2024.” This increase will be driven by Gen Z consumers who, resoundingly, favor this platform, evidenced by the recent trending #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt push that reached over 30 billion viewers.

FTC fines GoodRx 1.5 million

FTC Cracks Down on Unauthorized Sharing of Health Data

The FTC recently announced it will be fining Good Rx $1.5 million for violating it’s Health Breach Notification Rule stating that the company failed, “…to notify consumers and others of its unauthorized disclosures of consumers’ personal health information to Facebook, Google, and other companies….” Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection said, “Digital health companies and mobile apps should not cash in on consumers’ extremely sensitive and personally identifiable health information.”

Why Do People Want to Ban Tik Tok?

The debate over whether to ban TikTok is rooted in concerns about data privacy, national security, and content moderation. While the app’s immense popularity and revenue generation are undeniable, these factors have also drawn greater scrutiny and calls for action. As the world navigates the evolving landscape of social media and technology, the fate of TikTok hangs in the balance, with lawmakers, experts, and users all weighing in on its future. Whether the call for a ban gains enough traction to become a reality remains to be seen, but its potential economic and societal impacts are undeniable factors in the ongoing discussion. READ MORE>>

FTC Cracks Down on Fake Reviews JMV Media Group

FTC Crackdown on Fake Reviews

Most businesses have done it at one time or another. It seems innocent enough to write a fake review, but fake reviews hurt consumers, according to the FTC. They’ve proposed a new rule to stop marketers from, “using illicit review and endorsement practices such as using fake reviews, suppressing honest negative reviews, and paying for positive reviews, which deceive consumers looking for real feedback on a product or service and undercut honest businesses.” MORE>>

Facebook Can't Profit from Kid's Data, FTC Warns

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has moved towards completely preventing Meta from monetizing data belonging to any user under the age of 18. In a press release issued May 3, 2023, Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated, “The company’s recklessness has put young users at risk.” Facebook responded by calling the action a political stunt and has vowed to “vigorously fight this action.”

antitrust against google and meta ads

Government Shakedown on Google and Meta Ads

The US government is still pursuing various avenues to hold Google and Meta accountable for anti-trust violations pertaining to the way they conduct their Ads businesses.  Back in 2020, the Justice Dept sued Google for setting up a, “…series of exclusionary agreements that collectively lock up the primary avenues through which users access search engines, and thus the internet…” Now, the US Senate is attempting to limit Ad monopolies with the AMERICAS Act.

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