About JMV Media Group

jmv media group data driven marketing

JMV Media Group was founded by Jenifer Vogt in 2014 as a boutique and virtual digital marketing and public relations firm. Her goal was to use her background and experience in global marketing at large corporations and scale it to a suite of services that could be offered to entrepreneurs, solo practitioners and small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) with marketing budgets up to $5 million (USD).

JMV Media Group is a full-service agency working with subcontractors in the US, Italy and India. Clients have come from diverse industries with interesting challenges ranging from the need for a modern rebranding to the creation of an annual marketing strategy and budget.

Moreover, the company provides training and easy-to-understand, quick-to-read business intelligence for those who want to understand and remain current on the complex, ever-evolving technology that drives the field of digital marketing. It also offers information about the new rules of the game for public and media relations in what has quickly become a digital and AI-driven world.



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