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Italy Bans ChatGPT for GDPR Violations

April 3 2023 – Italy is the first EU country to implement a nationwide ban on ChatGPT, but others may follow suit. Alleging that how Open AI collects and uses private data is a direct violation of GDPR, the EU’s privacy legislation, Italy has told the company that they have 20 days to revise their practices. If they don’t, they’ll be levied a fine of 4% of their global annual revenue, or the equivalent of $21.8 million, whichever is higher. Italy has also voiced concern about childrens’ easy access to the site.

will AI take over marketing jobs blog post by jenifer vogt of jmv media group

Will AI Take Over Marketing Jobs?

(July 21, 2023) Unveiling the Future of AI in Marketing. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a driving force across various industries, revolutionizing the way we work and engage with customers. As AI continues to advance, there is growing speculation about its potential impact on marketing jobs. In this blog post, I delve into the question that lingers in the minds of many professionals: Will AI take over marketing jobs? READ MORE>>

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